Are you ready to start your new career as a Cosmetic Tattoist?

Welcome to The Cosmetic Tattoo Company where you can learn exactly how to become and amazing tattooist.

The Diploma is a newly released qualification that includes everything you need to know about cosmetic tattooing, and educates you on skin anatomy, wound healing, colour theory and much more.

The diploma is designed for beginners all the way up to current beauty therapists, so if you are new to the industry this is the perfect qualification for you.

The Diploma Units

There are 9 units total that must be completed. 5 core units and 4 elective units.

Core Units:

  • SHBBINF001 Maintain infection control standards
  • SHBBCOS001 Provide cosmetic tattooing consultations
  • SHBBCOS002 Apply knowledge of colour theory and pigmentology to cosmetic tattooing
  • SHBBCOS003 Apply elements and principles of design to cosmetic tattooing
  • SHBBSSC004 Identify the function and structure of skin and hair for cosmetic tattooing

Elective Units:

  • SHBBCOS004 Provide cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows
  • SHBBCOS005 Provide cosmetic tattoo for lips
  • SHBBCOS006 Provide cosmetic tattoo for eyes
  • SHBBCOS008 Provide 3D nipple-areola complex tattooing
  • SHBBCOS007 Provide cosmetic tattoo for scalp micropigmentation
  • BSBSMB406 Manage small business finances
  • SIRXMKT002 Use social media to engage customers
  • BSBSMB403 Market the small business
  • BSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy & procedures for sustainability
  • BSBSMB304 Determine resource requirements for the micro business
  • BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning
  • BSBSMB405 Monitor & manage small business operations

The 5 core units must be completed, but the other 4 units can be customised to suit what you would like to learn.


If you would like to register your interest for the Diploma, please fill in the contact form below and tell me about your previous experience, why you would love to join the course and what units you would like to learn

We will get back to you about starting dates, price and availability.