Top 5 Cosmetic Tattoo Secrets

Cosmetic tattooing is such a creative industry and every artist has their own secrets on how they achieve amazing results.

These are mine that I want to share with you that have made the most impact to my results for clients:

  1. Outline with a lighter colour

This is a trick that I picked up from the very famous ‘Brow Daddy’. If you are outlining your beautiful ombre eyebrows and you are worries that it is going to be too dark with the overall colour that you have selected, outline in a colour that is a shade lighter than your chosen colour.

This will help you to eliminate any ‘dark spots’ and stop you from implanting too much pigment into the skin that you will have to match the internal colour to later when shading


  1. Choosing the right needle size

Understanding your needle sizes and your pressure/pace as an artists is crucial.

Most artists opt to use a 3RL 0.25 or a 1RL 0.25 to deliver that gorgeous pixelated affect. You can even use both needle sizes during the one treatment if you want to shade the majority with a 3RL and then pixelate and define the entire brow with a 1RL.

There are no set rules to say you must only use one sized needle per sitting, get creative.

But if you are using a needle for the first time, make sure you have practiced on fake skin first so you know how much pressure to apply.

Remember the smaller the needle configuration the deeper it goes in the skin.


  1. Repurpose your content

Take photos and videos of all your clients. And make sure it’s a LOT of photos and videos.

Repurpose your best content over and over as posts, stories, advertisement images, etc.

You will know that this is your best content because it will have gotten the most interaction on your social pages when you first posted it.

You can re-post about it in a few weeks time from a different angle. If you look closely at other artists pages you will notice that we all do this


  1. How to Say no

This secret is a BIG talking point for me and I like to let all of my students know that it is OK to say ‘no’ to a client.

Have a prior consultation process is key here because it allows you to talk to your client and understand their needs before you book them in for a service.

Cosmetic tattooing, like I mentioned before, is a very creative industry and no two artists can ever product the same results.

If you are getting a bad vibe from a customer, then it is ok for you to decline doing their tattooing.

I would be on the look out for what I call “red flags”

  • Has a victim mentality (nothing can ever go right for them)
  • Complains excessively about other professionals (especially medical professionals)
  • Shows you a picture of another artists work on someone else and says “I want these eyebrows exactly”
  • Keeps mentioning the word “perfect” or “symmetrical”

Most of these listed are self explanatory, but I just want to explain the last one about symmetry. No one has a perfectly symmetrical face. Everyone has one eye bigger than the other, our nose hooks slightly to the left or the right and our lips are also uneven.

If you make someone’s eyebrows perfectly symmetrical then it will highlight other aspects of their face that aren’t symmetrical and they are going to look weird.

So remember we are aiming for “visual” symmetry, not mathematical symmetry


  1. How to Trouble Shoot

When performing a cosmetic tattoo treatment, it is important to know your troubleshooting options if colour isn't taking properly in the skin.

If you need to deposit more colour there are steps you can take to try troubleshoot the problem:

  • Slow down your pace
  • Adjust your pressure
  • Stretch the skin more
  • Adjust your angle to 60 degree or 45 degree
  • Let the colour soak and come back to it
  • Change your needle size


Thank you for reading my Top 5 Cosmetic Tattoo Secrets, I hope you got some useful tips out of it.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more please reach out to us via email:

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